Publications & Presentations

Basics of ICPs in coatings (PDF)
Corrosion protection with ICP recording (PDF)
Film formation (PDF)
Particle stabilization – an introduction (PDF)

Conference Presentations
A new way to ensure metal protection with waterborne dispersion (PDF)
Development of surface-egnieered cerium oxide nanoparticles for the corrosion protection of steel (PDF)
EIS and in-situ AFM study of barrier property and stability of waterborne and solventborne clear coats (PDF)
EIS characterization of waterborne and solventborne coatings containing PANi and Cerium Oxide nanoparticles (PDF)
Electrochemical study of the corrosion inhibition effect of CeO2 nanoparticles (PDF)
In-situ AFM Investigation of Polymeric Clear Coatings on Carbon Steel in water and NaCl solution (PDF)
On the potential of CeO2 particles as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel (PDF)
Overview of Project Woodlife & Project Steelcoat (PDF)
SP’s activities in the field of surface protection (PDF)

Deliverables From the Project
Understanding the role of ceria (PDF)
Understanding the role of conducting polymers (PDF)

Articles in press